Window Maintenance Clean

The purpose of a maintenance clean is just that, to maintain the condition of your windows, not only in terms of how they look, but perhaps more importantly, the functionality of your windows. If left neglected for sustained periods of time windows will become damaged from the build up of dirt, moss and mould. This can result in damaged seals, stained frames etc. A regular maintenance clean will prevent any such build up. As I clean all of the window, including the sills and frames, and all the little crevices around your seals, your windows will be maintained in tip top condition.

A well maintained window

Note on first cleans: Where windows have been neglected and a build up of dirt has occurred there will be a surcharge applied. Click or tap here to find out more about this.

Not going to be home?

If, for whatever reason, there will be nobody present at your property during the time of a clean I can set you up on my text notification service. This means that you will be sent a notification text the day prior to my arrival so you can arrange access to the rear of your property whilst you’re not there.

Individual Clean

This service is suited to clients who would like a one off, deep clean of their windows. The starting price for this service is £30, with each property individually priced upon inspection. Factors such as the amount of soiling, size of property and accessibility contribute to the final quote.